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Introducing iZonU SAT!

Introducing iZonU SAT!

We are delighted to introduce our iZonU SAT, a Satellite camera unit that connects wirelessly to iZonU Start and iZonU mini units. iZonU SAT is a cost-effective measure to add additional eyes around your site, 100% wire-free!

In addition to that, using one SIM Card, you can have more than 5 iZonU SATs connected to your mobile app, this means more than 8 cameras, just 1 SIM Card and all on one handy mobile app!

iZonU SAT comes with two options:

– iZonU SAT-P: which has a Rotating/Tilting camera (or PTZ)

– iZonU SAT-B: which comes with one Fixed (or Bullet) camera

This is an amazing, cost-effective measure for large construction sites, farms, acreages and basically anywhere!

Please give us a call on 0411 83 7777 or flick us an email to “” for more info.

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