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About us

About us

iZonU was founded in 2019 from an idea to create a surveillance system to monitor construction and acreage sites unlike any others on the market.  We started designing and developing the iZonU system – The first multiple camera surveillance system free from hard-wired power or internet, that’s light weight, durable and most importantly reasonable priced. Did we mention  the reliability of a minimum one week battery backup? This system’s got the lot!

Through concept design and development our Rev0 used a steel frame, hi-tech lithium battery pack and advanced system to connect up three cameras to 4G. From the first day we decided to have two bullet cameras and one rotating (or PTZ) camera to provide our clients an almost 360-degree detection zone with the flexibility to look around the property at their fingertips even if they are on the other side of the world.

We trialled many cameras in the market and finally landed on the brand we currently use. The most robust, easy to use and durable cameras available. When it comes to selecting a camera, the Mobile App and Cloud Account play a crucial role. The Mobile App used in our iZonU system is reliable, easy to use and the cloud server provides high speed access for reviewing recorded events.

In 2020, we introduced iZonU mini-4G PTZ, our advanced single PTZ camera with two layers of backup battery, full colour night vision and a state-of-art 4G hub making iZonU mini a must have for all locations; construction sites, farms, acreage, houses, and in one word anywhere you want to have an eye!

What makes us different?

The main differentiator of our product to other similar products on the market is our additional layer of backup battery (minimum 5 days of power with absolutely no sunlight), and advanced 4G reception. Our solid industrial design also provides our clients a reliable product that can survive harsh environments.

We have also improved iZonU Start by introducing Rev1 which has an extra backup battery, powder-coated aluminium frame, better design for protecting the cameras against the weather, and most importantly a huge 3Kg lighter than Rev 0.  iZonU Start – 2020 weighs less than 15Kg as the full package (including solar panel) making it a one-man-lift product!

At iZonU we always listen to our Customers and make sure our products meet their requirements and suggested improvements are implemented. We have been developing and testing exciting new products in 2020 that are ready to be introduced in 2021. Stay tuned!”